Learn to drive at Be Safe Driving School

Driving School FAQ's

At what age may I enroll my teen in Be Safe Driving School?

Any teen wishing to learn how to drive can enroll in ANY class in which he/she turns 15 by the last day of class.  

How much will it cost?

The price of drivers ed varies by services needed.  To view the services we offer please go to DriversEdSERVICES page for a detailed description of services and prices.

What is the difference between Gold Package and Platinum Package?

Gold Package: Includes classroom as well as 6 hours of behind- the-wheel (BTW) instruction and 6 hours of in-car observation. The BTW portion generally groups two students for two hours of in-car instruction. Each student spends one hour driving and one hour observing.

Platinum Package: Includes classroom as well as 8 hours of behind- the-wheel (BTW) instruction administered in six sessions with 1 or 1.5 hour lessons. Students will receive one-on-one instruction and must obtain written permission from their parents.

When is payment due for the class?

A deposit of $100.00 is due when registering your teen to save his/her space in the class.  The total balance is due in full by the FIRST DAY of class.

What happens if i need to cancel my student's registration?

If there is a situation where you would need to cancel your child's registration please call the office at 847-550-4265 to talk to someone.

How does my teen get his/her permit application?

When your teen is enrolled in a class and has attended a minimum of four (4) hours of class time, then he/she will receive a permit application from Be Safe Driving School.  We can not give this sheet unless we have the Blue Form, Pink Form or Yellow Form in the students file.

What is the minimum age to get a learners permit?

Your child must be 15 years old to take the permit test at the secretary of states office to get a learners permit.

What is the BLUE FORM?

There is a state law to be enrolled in a driver's education class when you are 15 years old.  The BLUE FORM is proof of you teen passing 8 passing grades in the last two semesters. Whether its Junior High School or High School, alternatively, there is a Pink Form if they have inadequate grades or the Yellow Form if they are home schooled. All teens must have at least one of these forms on file in the office in order to complete a driver's education course.

When can my teen start driving?

As soon as he/she gets the learners permit!  Your child can drive with anyone 21 years old or older who has a valid drivers license (valid for at least one year).  The BTW's with Be Safe Driving School can start as soon as they get their permit, you may start signing up online for drives.  You DO NOT need to finish the classroom portion  in order to start driving with us, but you may not sign up for drives during your classroom time.

How do I get proof that my child has completed a driver's education course?

When your child completes all of the requirements for driver's education:

  •          Has all paperwork and signatures completed in folder
  •          Completed and passed all 30 hours of classroom
  •          Finished all of their required BTW's.
  •          Paid all fees due

 We will send the appropriate documentation to the state.... 2-4 weeks after that send date, your child will receive a Blue Slip (which is not blue in color) from the state of Illinois.  

How does my high school know I've completed a drivers ed course?

When you have fulfilled the classroom portion and have your Blue Form turned in you will get a completion letter from Be Safe Driving School with a seal and signature on the bottom that you will take to your counselor at school to place in your folder to graduate.

What is a BTW?

BTW = behind the wheel or in-car training.

This portion of the program can be completed during or after the classroom sessions.

Do I have to complete the 6 hour or 8 hours of behind the wheel (BTW) with Be Safe Driving School in order to get my driver license?

Yes. It is the state requirement that all the BTW hours have to be fulfilled with Be Safe Driving School.

How do i sign up for a BTW appointment?

You must login to this web site with your user name and password that you used to sign up for classroom (if you can not remember your username or password please call the office (847) 550-4265), then you will be able to sign yourself up for any available spots with available instructors.

*Platinum Package Drivers:  Once at the calednar to sign up for drives you will be looking for dates that show 0 for 2 students once you sign up we get a confirmation and will go in and close the seat off to 1 so that your student is able to drive alone with the instructor.


Can I schedule all my BTW's one after another to get them over with?

It is state law that you cannot complete all of your drives in less than 14 days. We suggest what you learn with the instructor in BTW sessions you then go home and practice them and give a few days in between drives.

How do I cancel a BTW appointment?

Cancellations will require you to log in to your account and cancel an appointment from there.  We must have a 72 hour notice for all BTW cancellations, to avoid a $50 late cancellation fee.  A $50 fee will be added to your account as soon as you cancel a BTW appointment with less than a 72 hour notice.

Why is there a $50 cancellation fee?

Each BTW is carefully scheduled with students so that they can both drive and be observed during that time.  When your child does not show up for their scheduled lesson, the observation time is now taken away from the other student, and that student will now have to reschedule that portion of their lesson as a result of your child's errors.  We also pay our instructors for all scheduled drive times, so if your teen cancels, we still have to pay the driver.  

What if my teen is absent for a class period?

Each student can miss up to 4-class period, but MUST make up those periods in a future class session. After missing more than four periods, we will have to cancel your child from the current class session per state law.

If I can't make the 4:00-6:00pm session can I attend the 6:00-8:00pm?

Yes absolutely! That is one of the benefits of having 2 classes going on at the same session, if your child has a doctors appointment after school and can not attend the 4:00 class they are more than welcome to attend the later session and vise versa.

How do I make up a class period that I missed?

When you miss a class, you will need to make up the SAME DAY that you missed so that you can participate in the classroom discussions.  You are not allowed to attend more than one classroom session per day. We do not require any advance notice for you to make up a class, just walk in and please make sure to sign into the attendance sheet.